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"Who's in Charge Here?"

Season 1, Episode 5
#5 in series (114 episodes)


Series: Blossom (TV series)
Network/Country: NBC-TV
Air date January 21, 1991
Production code 003
Written by Paul Perlove
Directed by Zane Buzby
Guest stars: Little Richard
Nile Lanning
IMDb IMDb logo.png Who's in Charge Here?
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Who's in Charge Here? is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Blossom and the fifth overall in the series. Written by Paul Perlove, the episode, directed by Zane Buzby, premiered on NBC-TV on January 21, 1991.

"Who's in Charge Here?"
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When Blossom is in charge of the home for one night, while her father performs on a cruise ship, she sees Tony's new girlfriend stealing a family heirloom. Little RIchard guest stars.


Nick leaves Blossom in charge of home one night while he performs on a cruise ship, and her imagination kicks into high gear when she sees Anthony's new girlfriend Stephanie stealing a family heirloom but is afraid to tell him for fear he will be driven back to drugs. Soon after, dealing with Anthony's drug habit becomes the least of Blossom's problems when Joey takes Nick's car to the movies to impress a girl, and inadvertently parks it in a red zone, causing it to get towed away to the impound lot.


Guest starring[]

  • Little Richard as Himself (Special guest star)
  • Nile Lanning as Stephanie