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Terry Russo
Richard Masur as Terry Russo in "Pilot" in Season 1
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Related to: Barbara Russo (spouse)
Anthony Russo (son)
Donnie Russo (son)
Blossom Russo (daughter)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Blossom
appeared in:
"Pilot" (One time appearance)
Played by: Richard Masur

Terry Russo is a character from the pilot episode of Blossom. He's the pilot counterpart to the series' Nick Russo. In the "Pilot" episode, which was aired by NBC-TV during the "summer sweeps" period in July 1990 as a TV show special presentation, he was played by actor Richard Masur. When the network chose to pick up Blossom as a new TV series, in retooling the characters, storyline and cast, the character Terry was replaced by Nick Russo, whom would be played by Ted Wass.

About Terry Russo[]

Unlike Nick, who is a musician who is divorced from his ex-wife Maddy Russo trying to raise three teenagers, Terry is a married accountant and he also seems to be more mature than Nick.

He discusses a lot with his wife in the pilot, but seems to love her and has no plans of divorcing.