Six LeMeure

Name Six Dorothy LeMeure
First appearance Blossom Blossoms
Last appearance Goodbye
Portrayed by Jenna von Oÿ
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Sharon LeMeure (mother)
Unnamed siblings

Six Dorothy LeMeure is a character from TV show Blossom. She's the eccentric best friend of Blossom Russo.


Six is the best friend of Blossom. Her parents decided to get a divorce during Season 2 of the series. She alluded to the fact that she was named Six because she was the sixth child in her family, although none of her siblings were ever seen. It was also mentioned that she was named Six because it took that amount of beers for her conception.

Six goes through many hard times including becoming an alcoholic, dating a married older man, and a pregnancy scare. Thought of the Russo family as her own family. She has a habit of talking quite fast when she is happy, angry, or nervous.[1]

She has a crush on Joey throughout the show, despite having multiple boyfriends.


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  • The role was first given to Melissa Joan-Hart.
  • A writer from the show named the character "Six" after a friend he knew from high school whose name is Seven.
  • Six is the second most popular character on Blossom


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