is the original pilot episode of Blossom. It aired months before the show premiere, but it is not a part of the same continuity.


As Blossom records a video diary entry, she hears her parents arguing. Then they tell Blossom they have an appointment with the family lawyer. Blossom daydreams about what will happen when her parents divorce, but they return home happily and tell her they were just updating their wills.

The original subject of divorce, which was carried out differently after the pilot, involved Blossom suspecting that her parents were having marriage troubles. Blossom confides in Six about the fights and discussions she overheard them having, which is followed by Terry and Barbara's announcement over dinner that they were going to meet with an attorney friend. Blossom's fears continue to grow until her parents reveal that they were only having their wills drawn up.


Guest starringEdit

  • Debra Sandlund as Mrs. Young
  • Kelly Packard as Kimberly
  • Justin Whalin as William Zimmerman

Differences between the pilot and the seriesEdit

  • In this pilot, Blossom lives with both of her parents. But in the series, they are divorced and Blossom lives with her father.
  • In this pilot, Blossom's father works as an accountant, not as a musician.
  • Blossom's parents' names were Terry and Barbara, they were changed to Nicholas and Madolyn for the series. They were also played by different actors.
  • In the pilot, the younger of Blossom's elder brothers was called Donnie. In the series he was renamed Joey. Both were played by Joey Lawrence.
  • According to the pilot, the Six was named because of the number of beers her parents drank the night of Six's conception. Later in the series, the name refers to her birth order.


  • It is included on Blossom: Seasons 1 & 2 box DVD set as a special bonus feature.
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