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Nick Russo
Ted Wass as Nick Russo
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
The main provider for his kids after his wife leaves him to sing in a bar in Paris, France
Related to: Maddy Russo (1st wife)
Carol Russo (2nd wife)
Tony Russo (son)
Shelley Russo (daughter-in-law)
Joey Russo (son)
Blossom Russo (daughter)
Kennedy Russo (stepdaughter)
Nash Russo (grandson)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: "Blossom (TV series)"
First appearance "Blossom Blossoms"
Last appearance: Goodbye
appeared in:
113 in series (Seasons 1-5)
Played by: Ted Wass

Nicholas "Nick" Russo is a character of TV show Blossom. He's the father of Tony, Joey and Blossom and is portrayed by Ted Wass.


Blossom, Joey and Tony's father. The main care giver for his three children after his wife, Maddy, leaves him to sing in a bar in Paris. He works as a piano player, playing with various gigs with a wide range of bands. He later marries Carol, and becomes stepfather to Kennedy, and grandfather to Nash. He also treats Six LeMeure, Blossom's best friend, like his own daughter, shown in many episodes.