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Joseph Russo
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Related to: Nick Russo (father)
Maddy Russo (mother)
Carol Russo (stepmother)
Anthony Russo (brother)
Shelley Russo (sister-in-law)
Blossom Russo (sister)
Kennedy Russo (stepsister)
Nash Russo (nephew)
Buzz Richman (maternal grandfather)
Appearances/Series information

Joseph "Joey" Russo is a character of TV show Blossom. He's the middle child of Nick Russo.


Joey is the middle child. He usually shows up as "dumb jock" (a not-so-smart baseball player) and ladies' man, but can be sweet and smart when he wants to be. Gets accepted to Arizona State University, but decides to play professional baseball after graduating from high school.

Joey is mostly known by his catchphrase "Whoa!". According to Joey Lawrence, "whoa" was written in the script like a surfer dude would say it, but it wasn't getting any laughs. When an executive producer asked him to try something else, he said it in another tone, then the audience laughed and they decided to put it that way.[1]


Season 1[]

He is 15 when the series begins. wow

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Relationships (Romantic)[]


In the episode "The Last Laugh", Joey is setup on a blind date with Tracy, Rhonda's niece.

When the two first meet, they react in the same way and appear to have the same intelligence, to which Tony comments that they are the same.

After going to the movies, Tony and Rhonda find them making out in the back of their car.

Towards the end of the episode, Tracy tells him to write her letters to Cincinnati, where she lives. She then gives Joey a pin that her mother gave her. Joey, not having thought of anything, nor having anything on him, he gives her a five dollar bill so that he can think of her "every time that she spends it". They then part ways.