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"Here Comes the Buzz!"

Season 2, Episode 2
#16 in series (114 episodes)
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Nick's former father-in-law Buzz (Barnard Hughes) visits, as Nick feels his control of the household is threatened in "Here Comes the Buzz!" in Season 2 (ep. #2).
Series: Blossom (TV series)
Network/Country: NBC-TV / USA
Air date September 23, 1991
Production code 014
Written by Bill Richmond
Directed by Zane Buzby
Guest stars: Tisha Campbell
Anne Gee Byrd
IMDb IMDb logo.png Here Comes the Buzz!
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"Second Base"
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"The Joint"
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Here Comes the Buzz was the second episode of Season 2 of Blossom, and also the 16th overall episode in the series. Written by Bill Richmond, the episode, directed by Zane Buzby, originally aired on NBC-TV on September 23, 1991.


Nick's control of the Russo household is undermined when his ex-father-in-law visits.


Nick is reacquainted with Buzz, his former musician father-in-law with whom he had a rocky relationship. However, instead of skipping town to go back on the road, Buzz considers staying to get to know his grandchildren.

"Here Comes the Buzz!"
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Did You Know?[]


  • Note: Barnard Hughes makes his first appearance as Buzz Richman, Blossom's maternal grandfather on the series.



Guest starring[]

  • Tisha Campbell as Toni
  • Anne Gee Byrd as Linda