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Buzz Richman

Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Loves good women, good cigars, alcohol and jokes; has been married multiple times, but Ruby, Blossom's grandmother, was his first wife
Related to: Maddy Russo (daughter)
Anthony Russo (grandson)
Joey Russo (grandson)
Blossom Russo (granddaughter)
Ruby Richman (ex-wife)
Unnamed ex-wives (Multiple)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Blossom (TV series)
appeared in:
23 in Season 2
Played by: Barnard Hughes

Buzz Richman is a character from Blossom who appears in Season 2 of the series. Buzz is played on the series by veteran character actor Barnard Hughes.

about Buzz[]

Buzz is the grandfather of Tony, Joey and Blossom. A war veteran, Buzz has been married multiple times, but Ruby was his first and the mother of Maddy. He is a bohemian, loves women, cigars, jokes, and alcohol. He moves in with Nick for a while and lives in an apartment afterwards.