Blossom Russo

Name Blossom Ruby Russo
First appearance Blossom Blossoms
Last appearance Goodbye
Portrayed by Mayim Bialik
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Nick Russo (father)
Maddy Russo (mother)
Anthony Russo (brother)
Joey Russo (brother)
Buzz Richman (maternal grandfather)
Carol Russo (stepmother)
Kennedy (step-sister)

Blossom Ruby Russo is the title and main character of TV sitcom Blossom. She is portrayed by actress Mayim Bialik.


Blossom, the youngest, and only girl in her family, lives with her two brothers, Anthony and Joey and her father Nick. Blossom deals with the daily trials and tribulations of teenage life intelligently and while having as much fun as possible; all with the help of her older best friend, Six.

Blossom is very imaginative and has an opinion about almost everything. She does not always get along with her stepmother Carol, but their relationship does improve over time. According to Nick, she was named after the jazz singer Blossom Dearie.


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William Zimmerman

William appears in a flashback to back when Blossom and Six where twelve in "Time".

At first Blossom and Six discuss how William has a crush on her. William then calls, and Blossom offer him to come over to her place to pretend to do homework and watch TV.

William then shows up at her house with a bouquet of white flowers. They both seem nervous and he finally askes her to go steady with her. She replies with "no".

After he leaves, Six asks Blossom why she didn't say yes, to which she says that she doesn't know, and that she really did want to say yes.


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