Tony Russo

Name Anthony Russo
First appearance Blossom Blossoms
Last appearance Goodbye
Portrayed by Michael Stoyanov
Gender Male
Occupation Paramedic
Relatives Nick Russo (father)
Maddy Russo (mother)
Joey Russo (brother)
Blossom Russo (sister)
Shelly Russo (Wife) Nash Russo (Son)
Buzz Richman (maternal grandfather)

Anthony Russo (also known simply by the nickname Tony) is a character of TV sitcom Blossom. He is the oldest brother of the protagonist, Blossom Russo.


Anthony is a recovering substance abuser. As a result, he has difficulty remembering four years of his life. As the series progresses, Anthony's maturity does so too.

He marries a woman named Shelly and helps deliver their son Nash Russo

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